Great Ages front coverA Multitude of Lives,
a book of astrological data and biographies

ParlandoPress, 2009

This work contains a collection of AA-rated birth data, the majority of it unpublished before. There are times, dates and places of birth for around 2800 individuals taken from Scottish records. There are a wide range of categories: the well-established vocations such as law, religion and politics; the creative and performing arts; individual sports (including football, cricket, boxing, snooker and skiing); medicine, including many rare conditions; crime; death (including motor accidents, falls, explosions, bizarre and young suicides); military prowess (Victoria Crosses and flying aces); and many others. There are astrological biographies for around 250 of the individuals, ranging from 100 to 800 words. The work will prove fascinating to astrologers of all abilities.

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p align="left" class="h1">Great Ages front coverThe Great Ages and Other Astrological Cycles

ParlandoPress, 2007

A4, 94 pages, 94 illustrations, 8 birthcharts 

Modern astrology has been fascinated by the idea of great ages in which approximately 2000-year periods of time are mirrored in sequential signs of the zodiac. The author establishes the start and extent of each of the ages (from Gemini to Aquarius), not by astronomical refinement, or recourse to so-called authoritative texts, but by focusing on historical developments that most obviously chime with the astrological meaning of a particular sign. It is through this combination of a good understanding of both astrology and history that the author is able to present a convincing model that illuminates something – the history of mankind – that appears at first to be without order. He shows, among other things, that if we understand the meaning of the sign Aquarius, there can be little dispute as to when the age began. One thing to have confused the issue, he argues, is the assumption by astrologers that the previous age, Pisces, must begin with the birth of Christ. He suggests that while Christianity provides a major tone for the age, there is no reason why it has to mark its beginning. A better starting point is two or three centuries earlier when we detect very clear developments in various parts of the ancient world that are Jupiter/Pisces in their nature.

Also in this work Wright examines two other cycles which have been largely ignored by astrologers and yet which resonate, often in a striking way, with events in the real world. These are the Uranus and Neptune cycles which use as a starting point the degree of the zodiac at which the planets were discovered. The latter is of particular interest because, at the time of writing, Neptune is within a couple of years of returning to its own place for the first time since its discovery and we would expect this to coincide with some kind of efflorescence of Neptunian events in the world.

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Literary Zodiac coverThe Literary Zodiac

How writers express cosmic patterns in their creative work

Second edition:
The first edition of The Literary Zodiac appeared in 1987. This new edition (2011) is the product of a complete revision and rewrite and contains much additional material.

The Sun in astrology symbolises, among other things, the urge to create and the zodiacal sign in which it is situated at birth describes in qualitative terms the mode of an individual’s creative energy. In The Literary Zodiac the author examines the creative output of a large number of writers and demonstrates that there is a consistency of theme amongst those who share the same Sun sign. It’s a work that casts new light on astrological symbolism and at the same time provides writers with a unique insight into their own creative nature.

The Literary Zodiac has been well received by critics:

‘Extremely interesting, well researched and original in its thinking.’
Liz Greene, astrologer, psychologist and author.

‘A great deal of work has gone into this …very impressive’
Stephen Arroyo, author of a number of best-selling works on astrology

‘This is superb … will surely become an astrological classic’

‘An important contribution to the field of astrology and to the study of creative writing.’
Welcome to Planet Earth

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Astrology in actionAstrology in Action

Anodyne, 1988 and CRCS (in the USA) 1989

Astrology in Action presents seventy or so astrological profiles based on accurate times and extensive biographical research. These demonstrate how a clear and precise picture of an individual can be obtained by the blending of only a few major chart factors. The work shows that astrology is not about a multitude of techniques but about in-depth understanding of the symbolism of the signs and planets. It is about learning to recognise astrological symbols as they manifest in the real world of experience in a multitude of guises. Astrology in Action also demonstrates how transits and progressions work in practice. It also has chapters on the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that offer new insights into these often understood planets

The book was first published in 1988 and has been critically acclaimed by the astrological fraternity:

‘The book is an excellent learning tool for both beginners and more experienced students of astrology … There is nothing else quite like it in the astrological literature, and the quality of research is unparalleled.’
Stephen Arroyo

‘Wright has an uncommon gift for describing astrology in a way that holds a reader’s interest. It is one of the best books on the subject to cross this reviewer’s desk in many years.’
Richard Nolle, Dell Horoscope

‘If you can only scrape together the money to buy one book this year, it ought to be this one.’
Kenneth Irving, American Astrology



Jupiter & Mercury coverJupiter and Mercury, an A to Z

Flare/London School of Astrology, 2006

In this work the author attempts to clarify, expand and refine the astrological meaning of Jupiter and Mercury. He presents it as a kind of lexicon of terms and words that illustrate the many facets of the two planets and the signs they rule. It includes profiles of both ordinary and famous individuals, including such diverse figures as Captain Bligh, Bob Geldof, Mad King Ludwig and Anthony Hopkins. Covering a wide range of topics – celebrity, luck, evangelism and murder, to name but some – this challenging work is essential reading for anyone who is serious about working with astrology.

Copies can be ordered from Flare at or from Wessex Books