Parlando Press is a site created by Paul Wright to be a shop window for his writing on the subject of astrology.

Wright has studied the subject for thirty years and has become well known for a brand of astrology that combines vision and pragmatism. He accepts astrology has a spiritual dimension but also believes it must be brought to earth through research involving accurately timed birth charts (the author has over the years amassed the data of 3000 individuals from birth records). Wright also champions ‘uncertain astrology’, which is quite different from the confused astrology that prevails today. While not doubting the art’s efficacy, he believes it to be a more rough-and-ready discipline than most astrologers care to admit. However, he believes astrology still to be the best method we have of casting light on the complexity of human nature.

He has been praised for advocating a simple approach to astrology. While contemporary astrology is awash with techniques, Wright demonstrates in his writing that diminishing returns apply in astrological analysis as in anything. Concentrating on half a dozen or so major factors most often yields the best result. Paul Wright’s work can be appreciated both by beginners who are taking the first steps in chart analysis and by experienced astrologers looking to deepen their understanding of astrological symbolism.

The site is refreshed regularly.